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Business Strategy

Empowering clients from around the world to enter, survive, and thrive in the Indian BFSI sector

We help BFSI clients from across the world to establish their business In India by helping them devise winning business strategies that create value and provide tangible outcomes.

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Why do you need to hire a Business Strategy Consultation Company?

With the ever-emerging trends in the Indian BFSI sector, it is extremely challenging for the Non-Resident Indian to know about the industry trends, market size, direct competitors, targeting areas, the right time to launch, ideal pricing and packaging, target audience and a lot more things. So, if you want to set up a business in India in the Banking and Financial sector, and you are looking out for a Business Consultation Company, your search ends here.

In this fast-paced competitive market, the ‘strategy’ is the most important phase for any and every business irrespective of the size of the company. This is even more relevant when you are into BFSI sector focusing on providing Financial Services.

Why choose 2GenAlpha as your Business Strategy Consultant?

At 2GenAlpha, we bring together decades of experience and years of thought leadership in strategy. Our rich amalgamation of an unparalleled set of capabilities and use of the latest tools and technologies has helped our clients from across the globe venture into business in India successfully and reach great heights in the future.

How 2GenAlpha can help you with Business Strategy?

Most businesses fail due to the selection of the wrong product. At 2GenAlpha, we help you strategise your business right from selecting the right product to the packaging and launch. We have an experienced team of experts in the field of Finance, Technology and Business who will ensure you enter Indian BFSI market seamlessly.

Once you send us an enquiry, we will get in touch with you. Our experts will have an in-depth conversation with you and chalk out all the requirements. Based on the understanding of your goal, we conduct brainstorming sessions to device the future-proof strategy for your business.

To start with, help you decide the right product along with the product features. As per the products and services, we help you identify your top competitors so that you know where you stand in the market. Once the competitor analysis is done, we help you identify and overcome challenges.

It is imperative to stand out from the competitors. So, the next and the most important step is to identify the product USP based on competitor analysis. On identifying USP, the next step is to package the product and the best way to do is keeping in mind the sentiments of Indians. We help you with the geographic and demographic understanding, the target audience, the pricing, and the best time to launch.

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