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Business Execution

Facilitating BFSI clients set up companies in India with our exceptional Business Execution capabilities

Whether you already have your business strategy in place or you want us to do that for you, we help BFSI clients with excellent business execution by setting up their company in India.

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Why do you need to hire a Business Execution Consultation Company?

To move your business from strategising to executing, you need experienced professionals. Most companies face challenges when the strategy is in place, but they fail to execute. Once you launch your product, you will need to set up operations and that would require you to contact multiple people. Instead of contacting the ‘n’ number of people for ‘n’ number of things, it is more convenient to contact one company that helps you set up all the processes. We are that ‘one’ company. We help you reduce your time, effort, cost and resources.

Why choose 2GenAlpha as your Business Execution partner?

At 2GenAlpha, we bring together decades of experience and years of thought leadership in Business execution excellence. Our rich amalgamation of an unparalleled set of capabilities and use of the latest tools and technologies has helped our clients from across the globe venture into business in India successfully and reach great heights in the future.

How 2GenAlpha can help you with Business Execution?

Our core competencies include helping clients implement strategy and streamline organizational workflow to achieve business goals. Whether we have helped you devise your business strategy or you already had strategy in place, we help you set up everything. Take a look!

Company setup

We help you set up the company in India and fulfill all the formalities related to it.

Compliance setup

We facilitate you to Identify all the compliance requirements related to setting up the company and launching the product in this environment; be it government-related or others.

Operational setup

We will also aid you in Identifying a physical place where you can set up your office space at affordable pricing.

Technology setup

To launch the product in India, you will need technical connections with various GDS (Global Distribution Systems Networks) like BSE, NSE, Aadhar, etc. that your system needs to connect to. We shall identify your technology requirements and help you get technical connections in place.

HR setup

After setting up compliance, operations, and technology, we will also work as an HR consultant for you to provide you with the right people that you might require to run operations.

Vendor selection

Whether you need a print vendor or digital vendor, we will help you get them on board.

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